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Removing Homebrew packages with dependencies

Most packages have other packages they depend upon to work properly. However, uninstalling a package doesn’t remove it’s dependent packages. This is a desirable state - As some other package can depend upon these dependent packages as well.

For example, the python package depends upon the readline package. Let’s say there’s no other installed package on the machine which depends upon readline. I want brew rm python to remove readline as well.

However, overtime this creates a junkload of packages which pollute your brew list of installed packages. This disturbs my inner programmer’s OCD, and thus cannot be accepted! I was looking for an easy way to remove packages which don’t have any other packages depending on them. Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution that doesn’t involve a bit of hacking:

I filed an issue on Homebrew’s GitHub page, and somebody suggested a temporary solution until they add an exclusive command to solve this.

There’s an external command called brew leaves which prints all packages that are not dependencies of other packages.

If you do a logical and on the output of brew leaves and brew deps <package>, you might just get a list of the orphaned dependency packages, which you can uninstall manually afterwards. Combine this with join and you’ll get what you need. This example does just that, for a single package you wish to clean after:

$ brew rm FORMULA
$ brew rm $(join <(brew leaves) <(brew deps FORMULA))

And that pretty much solves the problem. My OCD can keep calm now.