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Setting up a static server with CherryPy

Use this when your Django development server just doesn’t cut, or when you’re too lazy to install an XAMPP stack.

I wrote this server when I started working with HTML5 <video> tag. I found out that Django’s dev server [doesn’t support byte-range downloads][quesiton] (for progressive downloads and such). This made the served videos totally unseekable using Javascript.

So, I wrote this server, and added a URL redirect inside my Django app to serve all video content through CherryPy (instead through Django) … and VOILA! Everything worked!

Baking instructions:

  1. Install CherryPy: pip install cherrypy or easy_install cherrypy
  2. Make sure it’s installed: python -c 'import cherrypy'
  3. You can edit the listening URL/port inside the source file.
  4. The root directory is the directory where you executed the script.

Eating instructions:

Just execute the file on your shell/terminal:

$ python cherrypy_static_server.py


There’s an alternative using Python’s SimpleHTTPServer alternative:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000